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Vero Beach Elementary 9/23


After looking at comparative data with the DISTRICT... we can collectively shout from the roof tops... OH YEAH!!!!!!!!

Yesterday the Assistant Superintendent shared our comparative data from this year to last year. Keep in mind, we started 2 weeks earlier this year.

We have a 92% DECREASE in the number of referrals (If Rachel and I did the math right :0 hehehe)

We currently have 6 referrals this year.
Last year we were up to 115 at this date and time. (With 2 weeks less of instruction time)

We have the second lowest referral rates in the entire District!!!
We only have 5 referrals total.. most from BUS incidents.
MOST of the other schools are in the high twenties and two are in the forties and fifties!!!!!!
You guys... We have 5.


The few discipline incidents we have had have been with substitutes in classes.

I REPEAT.. there is only 1 elementary school in our District that has LESS referrals than us... and that includes the magnet elementary schools.

Can we please give Ms. Riddick, Mr.Lee, and Mr. Lubin an AMAZING round of applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are ALL building strong Social Emotional intelligence in our students that is not recorded by standardized tests. Please know we value all your hard work!!!


Our Grade Chair Meeting had some INCREDIBLE data with our School Wide Writing Process.

Kinder- Practicing writing in small groups. Students are working on beginning, middle, and end with pictures and are improving their finger spaces and punctuation!

First- Building Confidence! Many students who were reluctant to write in the beginning are excited and comfortable. Topic Sentence growth was a huge celebration!

Second- First Cold Write- 16 students had nothing written. SECOND COLD WRITE- 100% made an attempt!!! Great job second grade teachers building confidence and student efficacy in the writing process.

Third- Number of Zero's went down significantly. Some students make extreme improvements from ZERO to 6's!!!! Ms. Walters has a Student that received a 9 on their COLD WRITE!!!!!!!!!! What what!!!

Fourth- Rigorous Cold write! One class made an entire POINT GAIN from the first Cold Write from a 2.8 to a 3.6!!! Observation and feedback has led to less copying of text and more student input and ideas in their writing!

Fifth- First Cold Write had 5 zeros.. now only 1 (Wrong topic) ALL STUDENTS ATTEMPTED. Major decrease in 3's and 4's- and STRONG increases in 5's and 6's.

YOU ALL ROCK!!!!!!!!

Doing Projects vs. Project-Based Learning

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Looking for enrichment ideas? Check out the link below!

Please be on time

Please make sure you are arriving to your data meetings and collaboration meetings by 7:45. These times are jam packed with information and planning and some are cut short when all members aren't on time.

We truly appreciate all your time and we value every minute you are putting into you lesson planning and data analysis. Our kiddos will appreciate it when the data based decisions are helping them RISE!!!!

Accelerated Reader: Are we building a community of readers or compliance?

We have made some changes to how we are utilizing AR at our school. This shift comes from following research-based practices to build our community of readers.

We want our Little Indians to have CHOICE and VOICE in developing their reading identities. When we give our students these opportunities we are acknowledging their unique culture, interests, and abilities.

Instead of mandating point goals, we are asking students to set their own goals based on their strengths, weaknesses, and individual preferences. This is a great opportunity for teachers to conference with their students to set individual goals and track student progress.

Teacher and Author Donalynn Miller has this to say about building successful reading communities.

These factors have been proven to engage children with reading at school and at home:

Time to read. We must communicate to our school communities the importance of reading over the summer. Reading is a wonderful way to stave off summer boredom and increase students’ vocabulary acquisition, fluency, and background knowledge. Share research about summer reading loss and the benefits of summer reading with family members and school staff. (I recommend Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen’s recent books on summer reading.) Brainstorm with students a list of reading emergencies when they could read over the summer, such as car trips and rainy days.

Access to books. We must ensure that every child has access to engaging reading material. This is why we are opening our library for morning hours.

Choice in reading material. We must provide opportunities and encouragement for students to self-select their reading material. Choice is a powerful factor in human motivation. Providing children choice in what they read fosters engagement and increases reading motivation, interest, and effort (Gambrell, Coding, & Palmer, 1996; Worthy & McKool, 1996; Guthrie & Wigfield, 2000). Children who are given choices for reading read more and report higher reading engagement and motivation (Kelly & Aligne, 2015; Allington & McGill-Franzen, 2012).

Family and community involvement. We must encourage our school communities to model and share positive reading habits with children. Parents who read and share reading with their children influence children’s future reading habits. Teachers who are engaged with reading are more successful at engaging students with reading (Nathanson, Pruslow and Levitt, 2008). Invite school community members to set and share their own reading goals. Encourage adults to invest time reading aloud and alongside children.

Stay tuned to the Principal's Press to see this in action at VBE!

~ A Message from SVB, Your Literacy Coach