Migrating to Gmail

For MHS the training is scheduled Friday August 9th 2pm-3pm

Viking Family,

In order to better protect our communications during emergencies and to provide a better integrated learning environment for our community of students and staff, we are migrating your email from Exchange/Outlook (hosted on our servers) to Gmail - a free email service hosted in the cloud.

Benefits include:
- Gmail is fully independent from any of our systems that might be affected by power outages or disaster

- Gmail is accessible from anywhere an Internet is available via a modern web browser like Google Chrome or a mobile app

- Brings teachers and staff into the same integrated G-Suite environment that our students are already using with Google Classroom
- Unlimited storage

How does this work?

Step 1 - Preliminary transfer (up to 90%)
Tech department starts transferring emails from Outlook to Gmail.
What gets transferred?
- 90% of emails, email folders, contacts and personal calendars will be transferred. The transfer can last up to a week.
What do I do?
- Continue to use Outlook for regular communication
- You can start getting used to the Gmail. The Gmail web interface will be open to you FOR TRAINING ONLY. Gmail will not be ready to use until the full transfer is done.

For MHS the preliminary transfer (90%) will be completed before August 9.

Step 2 - Training
We organize training sessions for you to get used with your own Gmail interface.
What do I do?
- Attend training if you need it. Use your own Gmail account FOR TRAINING ONLY.
- Continue to use Outlook for regular communication.

For MHS the training is scheduled Friday August 9th 2-3pm

Step 3 - Full transfer and switch over

What do I do?
- Wait for the email informing you that your account is fully migrated
- Start using Gmail only at the switch over date and time

NOTE: Outlook will be still available to you after migration but it will be read only. You will not be able to send emails from it after the switch over.

General questions:

How do I access Gmail?
Open an internet browser (preferably Chrome) and go to http://gmail.com and log in with your @srcs.k12.ca.us email address.

How about my mobile phone?
If you are using a mobile phone I recommend downloading the Google Mail and Google Calendar apps and log in with your @srcs.k12.ca.us email address.

Please have a charged device with you during our training.


In preparation for the upcoming Gmail training for MHS I want to share with you a resource document. This document will be shared at the training.

Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12eeFPqAWYsV7NJPU2FjQPFhhnoQs0j1rnj8t10FYVGg/edit