Louis and Clark Expedition


Hello, I am Sacagewea. I went on the expedition with Lewis and Clark to explore the new territory. I was the interpreter for Lewis and Clark. I helped lead the way on the expedition. I also helped them become friends with the native american tribes. One other thing I helped with was showing what foods were edible.

The Number One Thing On The Expedition

In my eyes, I feel like the tribes are the most impornant things on the expedition. The reasons why I think that, because, first, I am an American Indian and some people we met were my family. Another reason why is because the Nez Perce tribe let Lewis, Clark, myself, and our crew stay with them for four months over the winter. Two other tribes we met along the way were, the Yankton Sioux, who wanted goods we did not have, so we gave them an invatation to a delegation in Washington D.C. The other tribe is the Teton Sioux, we were not able to communicate with them because we were not able to speak Sioux.

The Most Important People On The Expedition

The Second Most Important Thing On The Expedition

I think the second most important thing on the expedition was landmarks because that is how I navigated almost the whole expedition. Some of the landmarks were, first, the Rocky Mountains, it was one of the hardest parts of the expedition, they were very hard to climb and get the canoes , food, and tools for the trip. Especially since I was about to have my child. Another landmark was the Columbia River, that was the river that we traveled down after we got past the mountain range. The Great Plains was also a big part of the expedition, it covered almost the whole way we went. The most important landmark though, was the Missouri River, it helped me and my crew accomplish what we had the expedition for, it helped us because it led us to the Pacific Ocean.

The Third Most Important Thing On The Expedition

In my opinion, the third most important thing on the expedition was the animals because they were our supply of food and supply of clothing. Some animals we found and that Lewis kept track of were the Northern Spotted Owl, it lives high up in trees and it is small in size. Another we found was the Pronghorn, it was spotted near Great Falls, Montana, its habitat is the red desert of the southern, in Wyoming. We also saw the Cutthroat Trout, it was found by the Ryan Dam, its habitat is the Great Falls. One other animal we found was a Badger, some people called it the "burring dog of the prairie." It can dig lightning speed! One of the last animals we found were Elk, they are now almost wiped out in North America, they also played the most prominent role during the winter at Fort Clatsop.