Amy's Weekly Writeup

April 9, 2021

news, updates & reminders

  • THANK YOU ALL for all of your hard work this week as we got used to having our students back with us full time! To me, it felt like the week lasted 27 days! I appreciate everyone's patience as we got the routines established and got kids reacclimated to being here.
  • I also want to say thank you for the very kind birthday cards you left in my box. I have mixed feelings about birthdays these days, but I greatly appreciated all the well wishes and kind words.
  • I will be out Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday of next week. Sheryl will be working out of my office on Friday so she will be here if you need anything.

On Deck For Next Week; CCS/MTRSD Events and Wacky Holidays

Monday: Walk on Your Wild Side Day

Tuesday: Scrabble Day

  • LEC 3:30pm

Wednesday: National Book Mobile Day

  • Staff meeting 2:00pm
Thursday: World Art Day

Friday: National Stress Awareness Day

  • Talia Miller's birthday

Friday Fun

Friday Fun:

Next Friday's Friday Fun will be a random door prize winner.