Belt Line Elementary

Staff Newsletter

Let's Get It Started

There is no better time than right now to unpack that August/September enthusiasm, super-fantastic joy and Belt Line awesomeness to jumpstart 2016.

Some of you might have made a resolution for 2016. That's great except research says 9 out of 10 will fail at reaching their resolution and 1/2 will fail by the end of January. So, instead let's choose one word that you will pick to inspire you in 2016 to become a CHAMPION 4 KIDS! I need everyone to Post there word outside of your door, on colored paper. My word is going to be GROWTH. I look forward to seeing what your word is. Let's post by END OF THE DAY TOMORROW. BLE Staff are CHAMPIONS for kids: What ever it takes to help OUR kids succeed.

Recap from Monday:

  • Our #1 goal is to grow OUR students by at least 1 year.

  • Growth and success in schools is built upon a solid foundation of trust and an intrinsic culture of collaboration and mutual support.

  • Provide a safe and civil learning environment

  • High expectations for everyone

  • Quality lesson planning that’s aligned with the TEKS and STAAR: Be collaborative

  • Be innovative and creative with your instructional delivery (Make sure that you are in the power zone, using technology, small groups, accountable talk, critical writing)

  • Positive attitude about students, staff

  • Professional communication with students, staff and parents

  • Be A Champion: I will make sure my students will succeed!!!

Assistant Principal's Office

I visited every classroom on campus today and observed the following:

  • Updated dates and lesson objectives

  • Updated lesson plans in lesson plan folders

  • Neatly organized student desks

  • Well-organized teacher desks

  • Newly decorated doors and bulletin boards

  • Updated anchor charts

  • Neatly sorted student materials and resources

  • Freshly smelling rooms

  • Printed work for students on individual student desks

All in all, what I observed was a campus of teachers that are ready to receive students for the new year and eager to have an invigorating opening of our doors on Wednesday. Thanks for meeting and exceeding the standard of what we ask as a member of our family/team. See you tomorrow. J Happy new Year! FAITH.FAMILY.INTEGRITY.


I am in the process of delivering Crisis Go Kits to each classroom. Your contents of your Go Kit are as follows:

  • Box of Kleenex

  • Disposable Gloves

  • Cotton Balls

  • Band-Aids

  • Alcohol Swabs

  • Whistle

Please, add the following to your kit:

  • Crisis Folder

  • Class Lists

  • Flashlight

Thank you for ensuring our students are learning in a safe and secure environment.

The education we want for our own children we should want for ALL CHILDREN