Global Warming

It's coming, watch out

Smog of Moscow

This picture shows the increase of smog over the well populated city of Moscow.

Life in Siberia

In Sibera, Siberians drive on frozen lakes and rivers for part of the year. With global warming coming around, it won't be like that for too long. They will have to drive on icy roads instead, and going the long way round to get to their destination.

The Most Harmful Effects of Global Warming

The Most Asked Question about Global Warming

When Will Our End Be Met

Scientist don't really know when global warming will reach its peak. They'll discover something only to find more questions than answers. So it's only a matter of waiting till something unexpected happens.

Scientist's Predictions

Scientists predict that the sea level will rise one foot every decade, so in 100 years you got plus ten feet of water. That's not counting precipitation or flooding, when the extreme weather comes you get hurricanes and other storms more powerful than ever before. This will cause city's to be evacuated to be refugees in other places, but scientist could be wrong.

How Can We Prevent Global Warming

We can prevent global warming by doing these steps, recycle, use less heat and air conditioning, use energy efficient products, drive fuel efficient cars, plant a tree, and unplug appliances when your done with them.
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Factories burn fossil fuels, and they emit Co2. This causes pollution and global warming and climate change.
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Animals and Their Habitats Fighting Global Warming

When animals lose a large portion of their habitat it's harder to find food, and survive. Polar Bears fir instance have been constantly losing parts of their habitat, because of global warming. This makes it harder for them to find food so they starve, and eventually die.

Transportation vehicles

Vehicles cause a large amount of Co2 emissions, because we use them everyday so we are polluting the air every second of the day.