Reasons to Type Properly

Reasons and tips about typing

The reasons are...

1. The number one reason I think typing properly is important is because it improves how fast you can type. For example if you don't know where the keys are you are going to type slower and you will to have to look at the keyboard. Someone who knows how to type properly will type faster and will not have to look at their keyboard all the time.

2. If you know how to type properly you will be able to increase your words per minute. You could go to 20-50 WPM to 60-100 WPM.

3. Also knowing how to type properly could increase you work if it is on the computer. You will be able to type paragraphs and stories faster with making less mistakes by hitting the wrong keys or having to look at the keyboard all the time.

How you should position your body to type

  • Sit up straight
  • Feet are on the ground
  • Thigh is behind the knee
  • Area behind the knee is not touching seat pan
  • Bend wrists and arm are straight
  • Eye level 20 - 28 degrees
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Tips for typing properly

1. To make typing easier relax your hands and slightly curve your fingers.

2. Keep your elbows to your sides while typing proper.

3. Make sure your wrists are not bumped up or down.

4. Speed comes with practice so make sure to practice a lot to get a higher WPM (words per minute)

5. Know where your fingers go and don't look at the keyboard this makes you type faster.

6. Make sure to have good posture when typing it helps with being accurate and also being able to type faster.