Learn How To Play Guitar!

Notes, chords and much more!

-Dheeraj Choppara

What skills are taught?

How to play notes, chords, strumming, finger picking. We will begin from the basics such as tuning your guitar and having a good posture. Once the students get fluent with the basic structure, they will go on to learn finger picking and other rhythms on the guitar.

*Personal Guitar Must be Brought*

About the Instructor

Dheeraj is a very well educated student. He has a very good foundation for education as he studied at Allan A. Martin in the IBT program. He also know how to play various instruments such as the clarinet, keyboard, piano, and as you know, the guitar! He has learned the for over two years and still continues his passion towards it. He wants to teach others how much fun playing a guitar can be!

How these skills will help you in the future

  • Students will excel in their music classes at school if they take guitar for instrumental
  • It can become a fun hobby
  • Can always use it as a future career

Don't hesitate, start learning!

Open hours:

Monday 6pm-7pm: Beginner Lesson

Tuesday 6pm to 7pm: Moderate Lesson

Wednesday 6pm to 7pm: Advanced Lesson