Jackie's News Update

Coffee, MicroEnterprise, & Mangos


Some of you may have heard that Chris and I have been working to open up our own coffee shop called Lazy Rooster Coffee & Tea! Well...things are progressing...slowly! We've met with the bank and should hear back within the next 2 weeks whether it's a go. Our "proposed" location is in the Publix plaza on Indiantown and US1 (where our favorite landmark, Food Shack, is located).
We'll keep you posted!


Ever since graduating with my Business degree I have wondered...how can I use business as ministry and help alleviate poverty in the world? Microenterprise! Through volunteering with Partners International Women - I've witnessed how microenterprise can bring transformation to the lives of women and their communities!

One great example is Edna (pictured with Kim Kerr above) who was living in extreme poverty with her husband and 3 sons, with no electricity or running water. Several years ago, Edna received microenterprise training and now Edna's has a dress-making business that has grown to include a tailoring school for other women. Her husband praises her and other women in her community look up to her as a role model, a woman with a vision who is on mission for Christ.

God has really opened doors for me to learn more about microenterprise so that I can go on to teach others. In June I attended a training seminar taught by an instructor from Nigeria, where I learned about the training material. November 14-26 I will be heading to India to meet with some other ministry partners who have a successful model for microentrprise training and microsaving groups. Then in April 2014, off to the Gambia, where I will have an opportunity to assist in a microenterprise training.

Please pray for me through all of these endeavors! Pray that God would continue to reveal His will for my life. Please pray for His provision for Chris and me as we open up our business while still pursuing the opportunities that God is giving us to do ministry with Him throughout the world!


We've been living like Mango Maniacs. How you ask? Well, it all started when we moved onto Chris' grandparents' property...7 acres with over 100 mango trees. No that's not a typo. Over 100. We thought, "No problem! We love mangos, this will be fun." Catherine (Chris' mom) tried to warn us.
Now 250 mango preserve jars later and 3 months of a diet of at least 3 mangos/day, we've survived....barely. And it really was a great experience (we're scouring craigslist for apartments for rent). ;)