Orange Revolution

Ukraine's Revolt to Keep Their Freedom!

Background information

Victor, Yushchenko was born on February 23, 1954, in western Ukraine. Yushchenko had a dream to carry out reforms and give the people more freedom. He ran for president against Yanukovych in 2004. Yanukovych was from eastern Ukraine and had a strong alliance with Putin, the president of Russian. Yanukovych wanted Ukraine and Russia to form a close union, like the soviet union that Ukraine gained independence from in 1991. The people wanted to keep their independence so they sided with Yushchenko, this angered Putin. The election was held on October 31st, and both candidates received 40% of the vote, and by law a runoff election was required. The runoff election was held on November 21st and by fraud Yanukovych won. Yushchenko supporters quickly found out about the electoral fraud and revolted. The government finally accepted defeat and ran another runoff election. The second runoff election was held on December 26th. Because of all the efforts made by the people Yushchenko won the second runoff election of 2004.
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Protest and it's Effects

The protest occurred after the first runoff election, when Yanukovych won. It started after November 21st before winter officially started, but after cold weather had already begun. Protesters dressed in orange because it was Yushchenko's campaign color. People mainly gathered in Kiev the capital of Ukraine. But many others gathered for local protests in the middle of their towns. My dad participated in the revolution, he gathered for a local protest in the middle of Rivne with his indoor soccer team. His whole soccer team agreed to meet at a certain time and place. They wore many layers including warm coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. On top of all their clothing they wore their soccer jerseys that were a bright orange. All the protesters would march form the center of town all the way to important government buildings, so that they would be noticed. Many people died during this time in Kiev, due to gun-shots. The gun shots were fired by Russia supporters who had different viewpoints. On TV's they would show the dangers of protest to keep people home and quiet. But eventually the government was forced to listen, and they held a second runoff election.

Assesment question

Participants demonstrated their belief system through their protest because of what motivated them. People were driven by holding onto their freedom and having rights. The people wanted to have a say in the world they were gonna live in. They belief was that if they had a president who wanted to lead them into freedom and strengthen the country independence, their lives would be better.
Ukraine: Orange Revolution Anniversary