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Tech Buddies

On again this week.....

When: during choir time (Thursday 12:30pm)

What: app for enriching any HSIE/S&T unit - aTypo Photo

Who would like some helpers??? Email Liz

Technology Hub (connected classroom)

Have you been in for a look at the new furniture yet?

The laptops are locked away safely in the storeroom and are ready for borrowing.

Please try to make good use of them. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate them into your lessons without having the make it a separate 'computer lesson'.

Mathematics Shed

Remember all the fantastic literacy resources that we viewed in Literacy Shed? My kids LOVED them!!

We'll now there is the Mathematics Shed. I haven't investigated it fully, but it looks just as exciting. Maybe when reports are done, we'll have a bit of a chance to explore!