Lincoln HS Modified Lockdown!

Monday, Feb. 26th, 2018

How This Impacts Holy Rosary...

Update on information sent earlier (listed below): The students responsible for the threats have been located and booked into Remann Hall on a charge of intimidation and threats. We have not received updated information on the police presence at the high school.


I received a recorded message from the principal of Lincoln High School (forwarded to me by a parent) that one of the high school students had posted a threat against Lincoln High School on social media this weekend. The information was given to the principal beginning late Saturday evening and the police were notified. They are investigating and trying to locate the individual. On Monday, the high school will have additional police presence at the school. Also, they will have a modified lock down with limited access to their building. As we are not far down the road from them, we will be on heightened alert, as well.

This is simply out of precaution. Let me emphasize that we have not received any threats to our school. As a precautionary measure, we will have additional people at carpool and keep both of the large gates shut during the school day. Our external doors, as well as classroom doors, remain locked at all times, as is normal.

I wanted to make you aware of this issue in case you drive by Lincoln and notice the additional police presence or hear something through the grapevine.

Thank you,

Katie Dempsey

P.S. Our Lock Down drill was cancelled last Thursday, due to the snow and many absences. We will do it this week.

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