The Three Little Fish

Logan Jimenez B2


Once upon a time there were three little fish in the sea. They all decided to build houses out of different materials.

Rising Action

The first fish built out of seaweed, the second fish built out of sand, and the third fish used a giant clam shell. Then, came a hungry shark.


The shark slammed on the first fishes house. He said,"little fishy, little fishy, let me in!" The fish said,"not by the scales of my finny fin!" So the shark said,"Then I'll bite, and I'll crunch, and I'll eat your house!" The shark did as he said, and the first fish ran to the second fish's house.

Falling Action

The shark repeated his words, but so did the fishes. When the second fishes house got eaten, they ran to the third fishes house."Little fish, little fish, let me in!""Not by the scales of our finny, fin fins!" This time when the shark tried to eat the house, he broke his teeth in the process.


The third fish then brought out his rocket launcher, and shot the shark away. The shark then had to eat pudding for the rest of his life.


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