Madrid, Spain

Madrid Tasty Foods

If you are hungry and looking for something good to eat, try some of these great foods of Madrid. If you are needing a snack, Tapas is an appetizer that is served at every small quiant dinner with your ordered beverages. Fresh olives, smoked meats and toasted bread or pickled vegetables, all to nibble on while you wait for your entries. In Madrid they would normally start with the broth, which would be our soups and then the vegetables and finally the meats!! Even though they do not have there own cuisine, they still have some tasty stuff there from Stew of Chickpeas to Spicy Spanish Sausage, so try one of these amazing foods and tantalized your taste buds!

Madrids Making History

Do you know about Madrids history, culture and art? In the mid 1800s Madrid culture and Spanish Sciceity combined with beauity and science, so now they have the most amazing city you will ever see.  As part of there Spanish Civial War it left behind a famous monument called "Valley of The Fallen". This monument shows the fallen soilders and civialians that lost there lives in the war. Through all there hardships they are have found a way to hang on to their beautifully spoken lauguage and culture.

Madrid Amazing Moments

If you are bored and looking for some fun things to do, try these great places? Try the Pado Museum, its full of cool facts about Madrids history. Also, remember the Valley of the Fallen. Its loaded with history and its true beginnings of how Madrid became so wonderful. One of the most famous places to go and visit is Puerta Del Sul. It is filled with restaurants and stores that are loaded with things to buy. The Plaza Mayor is filled with more restaurants and stores as well. These are so many more amazing places to visit, but these are great places to start your journey through Madrid.
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Madrids Monuments

So your looking for some fun sights to share with your kids?!! Well visit the Cebeles Fountain, its beauty is held by the Lions pulling Cebeles by Charit through the city. Water shooting throught the air and light the night up after dark. If you and your family are looking for entertainment and food, visit La Cava Baja. There you will find the reason it was ranked 3 out of 38 most fun place in Madrid. People watching and the diners are filled with wonderful foods to enjoy. Another beautiful place to visit is Botanic gardens, one of the most beautiful gardens in Madrid.
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Language Of Madrid

They speak very beautiful languages, like Spanish. Which is their main language but because there are so many other languages that surround Spain, they can speak many different types. English and French is in some spots of the city as well as a form of Spanish called Castellona. So, if you speak any kind of language I bet you will find it in Madrid. Madrid is the best vacation you will never regret.

Madrilena Clima Yeltiempo

You know that there are many different whether conditions that are opposite from the USA in Madrid. Like if you want to go to Madrid in the summer the best time to go is June. June is cooler than May. May is about 60-83 degrees and Septmeber would be in 50-70 degrees. October is the coldest time 49-65 degrees. How cold would it be in Novmber? In November the temperatures drop, and the daily average is 12 degrees, dropping to 48 degrees in December.


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