How To Save Food Dollars

Make sure you follow these steps By. Jashawn McElrath

If You Like Shopping Then Follow These Steps

  • Read the weekly food section and check the Sunday Newspaper to see what is on sale.
  • Check kitchen cabinets and refrigerator when making your grocery list.
  • Finish your grocery list before going shopping. The best memory does not substitute for a well planned list.
  • Check sell by and use by dates to be sure you buy fresh foods
  • Purchase foods at low-cost stores such as food cooperatives or warehouse food stores.

Everyone Needs Groceries

  • Do not shop when you are hungry because you will buy extra food. Have a snack before shopping.
  • Shop early when the grocery store is not crowded. You'll get through the store faster and spend less.
  • "Find stores with blowout sales or $10 items for $10.
  • Check out dollar stores. Canned fruit snack crackers can be purchased here cheaply.
  • Pick the grocery store with the best prices for food you buy.

Guaranteed to Pay off

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should you write a grocery list out before you go to the store?
  • Do you make a budget before you start shopping?
  • Are coupons great for using in the grocery store?