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Generally most people are not a fan of "creepy crawlies" spiders, ladybugs, june bugs, etc. But do you want to have to squish them with hands, or kill them by stepping on them and getting bug juice everywhere? No. That's why I came up with the creepy sucker. A device that conveniently sucks up any bug and has a built in bug killer. The device also comes with an extendable nozzle for the hard to reach bugs. You'll never have to touch them again. and when done, just empty out the bag in a garbage can.

About Me

"Gotta keep on keepin' on."

I believe I will succeed because of my die-hard determination, even if there are blocks in my way. I have taken the basic business ownership classes including microeconomics, macroeconomics, math classes, philosophy, speech, interpersonal communications, intercultural communications and political science classes.

I think i will be able to make the necessary choices for my business to strive because it is my sole focus for this business to prosper. I know the fact about business and I know what is needed in order to grow.

Location, location, location.

Our main store will be in the Mall of America, being that there are more than 11.000 employees there year round, there are 400+ events every year, the amount of exposure is endless. We will have our products available online, though the sales may not be as prevalent as in-store being that if you are in store you can actually try out our product. Our product will only be sold in our store and online we will not be going through any other retailers. Although, we will be having walking kiosks at parades and in malls around Minnesota. The only competition would be actual extermination companies. But why give your money to them when you can get rid of bugs by yourself. Our consumers could be any age, young adults just getting apartments, old couples, people who live on their own, anyone who doesnt like bugs. Mostly selling to females of any age.


I chose sole proprietorship business type. the advantages to this type is that I am the boss, I keep all profits, staring up costs are low and it is easy to change any legal documentation regarding the business. The disadvantages are that I am taxed as a single person, it may be hard to keep employees and I would be liable for all debts.

to get my business started i would have to:

  • get a lawyer and accountant, talk about banking and costs, and liabilities. financing stuff
  • get a building to start
  • hire two people to be full time managers of the store
  • hire other employees before store opening I will be needing 2 managers, and 4-10 part-time employees to work at my store. Some busier times would be during the holidays, at this point people will take turns on holidays, (if john works Christmas Eve, John will not work Easter).


The Creepy Sucker is an easier way to get rid of those pesky critters around your house. The Creepy Sucker also includes a booklet with every kind of insect imagined so that you can identify which insect you're dealing with. Also, the Creepy Sucker comes in 2 different colors, (green, blue, pink). The Creepy Sucker is only $15.00. The only extra cost would be the vacuum bag replacement, or if a customer wishes to get the extra extendable arm. We will be having many demonstrations around everywhere. Fairs, grocery stores, other malls. We will have a radio advertisement which tells where we are and what we do, with a cute little jingle. We will also have a Facebook page where we will have discount offers and sneak peeks to new products. For the first month of our store opening there will be a 5% discount on every Creepy Sucker. We will have a loyalty card that will be punched, and with every purchase of $10.00. after there are 5 punches they can choose an item for under $20.00 and it is theirs!


Creepy Sucker's will all be produced at one of our factories located in southern Minnesota. everything is handled there. Roughly the cost to make the product will be $5,75. with the extendable arms costing $1.00. Of my own personal contribution I have $40,000. Of my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles there was a combines contribution of $60,00. In total $100,000. The bank will receive $1,000 with an interest rate of 10%
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