Carvana, the new way to buy a car

Wish you could sit on your couch and buy a new car? Well here is your chance with Carvana.

Ernie Gracia and Ryan Keeton are 2 co-founders of the car vending machien Carvana. It is located in Nashvill and opend on November 12, 2015. It gets you your car in about 20 min, here is how it works first go to and find the car you want to get, buy it online and go to Nashvill. Once you get there you are given a coin, you put it threw the slot and that starts the vending prosess ,you get your car in about 20 min, and your off. Carvana is a wonderfull thing that I believe everybody should be able to try, you can return your car in 7 days with there 7 day return policy. If you do decide to buy a car at Carvana you will save money and the coin you put in the slot ,you get to keep and you get a video of your experience to share with your friends. You also can choose if you want your car deliverd or if you want to travel to Nashvill and get it your self . Rember sometimes at a delership you give up alot of time and money but this way ,there is no way you have to do any of that, infact you can sit on your couch, in your pajamas and buy your new car at Carvana the new way to buy a car.