The Mexican Floods

of August/September 2013

Hurracaine Ingrid formed in the afternoon of Friday the 14th of September 2013

About Floods-

Floods often occur when there is lots of rain over a normaly dry area in a short period of time , however, flooding can also be caused by other events, such as melting snow or dam failure. The Mexican floods of 2013 occurred when two tropical storms, Ingrid (formerly Hurricane Ingrid) and Manuel, spawned heavy rains that triggered record-breaking flash floods. Other contributing factors were a combination of tropical moisture at the south end of Mexico, wide spread thunder storms and heavy showers and a low pressure block.

How the Floods Affected the People of Mexico...


The Tourism-

Acapulco is known for being a great tourist hot-spot, however, at least half of the city has been badly affected by the floods, resulting in tourists actually having to evacuate.

It has also been attacked by looters and escaped crocodiles.

The Business-

OIL- although oil fields in and around flood-ravaged Tabasco state escaped major damage, any workers re based in the flooded state capital of Villahermosa and have lost their homes. Meanwhile, flooded streets and washed-out roads makes getting to and from the oil fields a logistical nightmare.

LOOTERS- In Acapulco and other cities, looters have trudged through flood waters and debris just to steal things from stores. To make matters worse, not all of the stolen items have been necessities. Things such as televisions or Christmas decorations being stolen.

The Streets and Housing-

In Acapulco, several crocodiles had escaped from the farms and were roaming the streets, not bothering the people, still, most were caught.

Food and bottled water were scarce, and cash was hard to come by after power outages knocked out bank machines.

Tens of thousands of people have been trapped in the aftermath of two tropical storms that hammered most of Mexico.

Acapulco's airport terminal was under water, stranding tourists.

Death Toll-

In total, over 130 people have been killed in floods and landslides, and lots of other people missing. More than half of the deaths occurred in Guerrero, where Acapulco lies. Despite the loss of life, state Governor Angela Aguirre said the beach resort was "virtually back to normality."

My Money Making Plan

Wear a Moustache on Your Face Day

To raise money for Mexican floods, our school could host 'Wear a Moustache on Your Face Day'. I will send all the procedes to the Australian Red Cross, and ask for them to send it to Mexico.

I will buy around 40 moustaches, with the price at around $25 for 36 moustaches, as it is cheaper to buy in bulk. I will then sell them for $2 each at school.

On the day of the fundraiser, I will hold a competition for who can put their moustache in the most unique place, not on their own body. There will then be a mystery prize.

To advertise the event, we could have an add in the school news letter, send home a note on the night before and/or put up a poster promoting the day somewhere at school.

The cost to start the day would be around $30

I believe this day could potentially raise $50-$60.

Thanks for showing your interest in the floods of Mexico, 2013.