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Fast Fact

The continent of china is Asia. its capital is Beijing. Its population in square miles 1,367,485,388. the official language china is Chinese .it is the language of China but mandarin has different tones Mongolian Tibetan Kazakh. there main religion is varied because they believe in many forms of religion. there distance from Washington D.C is 6,971 miles.
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china flag

China: Flag. 2015. ProQuest.
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Chinese people go to school for an average of 8 years. tests decide what school they go to. some drop out because they are needed back home because they live on farms. they usually have more homework then most countries. all students respect and obey their teachers.


Chinese people always eat with chopsticks. they use chopsticks for all kinds of food. meat rice noodles soup etc. Chopsticks are really hard to use.
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China is the fourth largest country in the world. its vast landscape is home to many cities and rivers. The united states is bigger than China.

what i would do if i were there

I would enjoy to see its vast landscape historical sites plants and animals and elavations