Cumbia Music

by, Margaux Petruska

About Cumbia

Cumbia music is mostly played and listened to in Columbia. The name Cumbia came from the African word Cumbe, which means dance.


Cumbia music dates back to the 17th century. Cumbia music was said to come from African settlements who came to Columbia as slaves. It was played within the slaves and was influenced by a mixture of columbian, black, and European music at the time.
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Additional Information

The feel of the music is very exciting and energetic. It is made of flutes and other wind instruments, and drums. Cumbia originally didn't have lyrics and was just instrumental, but later on they added lyrics. Cumbia uses three types of drums: the bass drum, the merry drum, and the calling drum. There are also three different types of flutes used in the traditional music. Maracas are also used. Cumbia is also is a type of dance, and is related to swing dancing.