Classroom Instruction That Works

Helping Students Develop Understanding

Create an Environment for Learning

To ensure student understanding in the classroom, teachers must do three things first: set objectives and provide feedback, reinforce effort and provide recognition, and use cooperative learning. Once these strategies are met and implemented, students will begin to develop better understanding in the classroom.

What Comes Next?

Once the environment is set in the classroom, students can then begin to develop understanding and extend and apply their knowledge. The webinar, Classroom Instruction that Works: Helping Students Develop Understanding, provides great detail on how to approach such methods. Although it is not mentioned, many of these strategies are also used by a leading educational researcher in the United States by the name of Robert Marzano. Several strategies that I use in my classroom on a regular basis are questions, nonlinguistic representation, and summarizing and note taking. The webinar is very lengthy, but also very informational in helping teachers develop the most effective ways to help their students.


Shannon Moore

Professional Development Assignment