Open House Smore

Earthquake PBL Project

The Earthquake PBL Poroject was when me, Nicco, Joseph, Andrew, and Gio, made a house for Tony Stark that can withstand an earthquake. We used popsicle sticks, toothpicks, string, straws, and clay. When It was time to test it, the result was that it did withstand the shaking!

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

The 30 hands project was when we had to make slides to explain things about the atmosphere. You also had to record your voice while you're flipping through the slides. Those slides are what you make on pic collage. This time, it was an individual assignment. Can you find all the Patricks?
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Invention Convention

Invention Convention was when we gathered up recycables to build an invention that solves an enviornmental problem. Me, Nicco, Andrew, Manny, and Gio built a solar panel car. We built it because we are using too much fossil fuels, and we can't wait for a million years for more. So, we built a solar panel car that runs on the suns heat that converts to energy. And that energy will make the car move without using fossil fuels. As well as not using fossil fuels, the cars engine won't cause as much pollution as other cars.
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Extra Credit: My Favorite Unit

My favorite unit was the atmosphere unit. We got to learn what is in the atmosphere and how it helps us. That is when we did the 30 hands project. We even did a lab when Mrs. Chappas showed how air pressure works. She did it by blowing through two pieces of paper, causing them to collide. Mrs. Chappas also taught us that global warming is caused by greenhouse gases emitted from human activity.