Tim Berners-Lee

the man who made the internet

when did he make the internet

it started in 1993 he is still alive today. He was born in 8th of June 1955. another way of saying his name is timBL. he is an English computer scientist. he was the creator of the world wide web aka the internet. he was 60 in 2015. In 2004 he was given the title sir Tim Burners Lee by Queen Elizabeth

early life

Berners-Lee was born in London. he had four brothers or sisters and his parents were called Mary and Conway. he attended a school called Emanuel school. His collage was called Oxford

personal life

he married a lady called Rosemary Leith. he and his wife married in 2014 in St James palace in London. He was marred to a another woman called Nancy Carlson in 1990 but sadly the marriage ended in divorce.