By Brianna Morrissy -8 Rubio

How are Diamonds formed?

Diamonds were formed on earth thousands of years ago under extreme heat and pressure. The heat and pressure transformed the carbon into crystals and turned it colorless.

What types of Diamonds are there?

The different type of Diamonds are :

  • Yellow: the color is formed when Nitrogen combines with diamond crystals.
  • Brown: Dislocation in the lattice of atoms causes brown coloring.
  • Blue: During the formation of the diamond if elements of Boron are mixed then the diamond may take on blue coloring.
  • Green: Green is caused due to a missing atom in the lattice of atoms.
  • Pink: Dislocations in the lattice, missing atoms and some impurities that are non-nitrogen cause pink color.

History of Diamonds

  • The first recorded history of the diamond dates back 3,000 years ago in India where diamonds were first valued for their ability to refract light. In these days the diamond was used in two ways for decorative purposes and to scare off evil.
  • The diamond was used for medical aid. In the Dark ages St Hildegarde explains how a diamond held by hand while making a sign of the cross would heal wounds and cure deceases and illness. During the early Middle ages Pope Clement unsuccessfully used this treatment to aid his recovery.
  • During the nineteenth century diamonds were being discovered in Australia,but it was until late 1970's after seven years of searching that Australia was a diamond producer was validated.