Religion, Philosophy, and the arts

By: Jayvon

How did Pericles strengthen the democracy?

He introduced reforms to the democracy. the most important change wast that, citizens pay a salary to the city officials, this meant that poor citizens cold hold a public office. He also built the Parthenon. It was a temple built to honor Athena.

Three pictures that represent the golden age of Athens

The influence of Greek Gods

The influence of Greek gods was very powerful on the ancient Greek's city states. Almost every City State worshiped their own God and or Goddesses. The Greeks built many temples to honor there gods. before going to war they would sacrifice and animal, for going to war the would most likely sacrifice an animal to Ares.

My god that i pick is the all mighty ZEUS. Zeus is the king of all gods. He ruled on mount. Olympus. Zeus is the brother of Poseidon and Hades he is married to Hera. He has many children that are other gods, goddesses, and even mortal. His relationship with Hera was not very stable there were many fights and arguments. Zeus is the king of all gods and goddess.

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The search for knowledge

Visual and dramatic arts.

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the Parthenon

Pericles built this temple which we know as the Parthenon. He built this to honor Athena, in the temple there is a big statue of Athena. The characteristics of the temple and the statue of Athena reflect the goal of Greek art. This goal was to present images of perfection in a balanced and orderly way.

There is no doubt that Pericles made Athens a truly beautiful city.

How Greeks use visual and dramatic arts in there lives.

Greeks used visual arts by building temples, statues, and buildings. They built temples and statues to honor their gods and buildings to use for dramas and plays and other daily shops that you would use.

They used dramatic and comedic arts to entertain themselves. Comedies made fun of well kown politicians and other people. Dramas included tragedies which is why people loved it they loved the sudden drama.

what i enjoyed about ancient greece

I enjoyed the mythology part just talking about the gods and the oracles.

We should really have a mythology topic to do. : )