Thank You

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Dear Supervisor Hare, Councilman Koebelin, Councilman O'Dell, Councilman Hitchcock, and Councilman Parker:

Thank you for rescinding the Wind Overlay District and terminating the Everpower Wind Project. With your actions in the past few months, you have put the Town of Allegany on a path toward healing and unity.

We have cherished our family homestead on the Chipmonk Road for over fifty years. The natural beauty that surrounds the home has been both a source of delight and comfort through the decades.

Our family is grateful that you have removed Everpower’s destructive threat to the forest habitat, peace of the valley and the value of our home. We are confident that the board will continue to provide sound leadership and wise counsel for the future.


Doris Kelly

Kathi Kelly

Cecilia Kelly Ladd

Mary Burns

Bridget Bertoldo

Monica Kelly-Brunza