Think Tank in Third

Weekly Update- November 18, 2016

Our Week at a Glance

Reading- We just reworked reading groups based on BAS testing. Now that state testing is over, we will start working on various genres and focusing on above and beyond the text comprehension questions. A major focus in 3rd grade is why the author chooses certain words, pictures, etc.

Math- Our main focus this week was geometry, which is great, because our MAP test results from the fall show that this is the main area for our students to grow. We've really focused on learning new words through exploration, and it's been so fun to see the "light bulb" go off with many kids. Yesterday every hand was up during our math lesson, and we heard a lot of "awww man" when students didn't get called on and we had to end the lesson. We love that students are so excited about math!

Science- We are still working on states of matter, but our focus now is on physical and chemical changes. We are working on an experiment right now where students will determine if they have caused a physical or chemical change.

Social Studies- We have been receiving a lot of Flat Stanley mail, and it's so cool to compare how people live in different places with how we live here in New Albany, Ohio. Students have made some great observations and connections.

Genius Hour- Most students are working on the presentation portion of their project. Students may start bringing in materials to create their presentation. Please keep in mind that all components of the project will be done here at school, however, if your child needs materials for their project, you can send these in. After Thanksgiving Break we will start looking at dates for presentations.

No homework menu this week! Enjoy Thanksgiving break!

***Remember that the Family Traditions project will be due on December 2nd, click here if you need to see the project instructions. ***

If you would like a math challenge activity for your child to complete during Thanksgiving break, check out Greg Tang's math!

Typing Practice

In the spring, the Ohio State Reading Test will be taken on the computer. This means that students will be required to type their writing prompt response. Coming up with a writing response can be difficult for students, and the requirement to type this response can bring about even more anxiety. We would love for students to practice typing skills and we will do this in class as well.

We have set students up on a website called This site is great because it shows students where to place their fingers, and which fingers to use to type certain letters.

Student login will be the same as their google login.

Login example:

password will be eagles3!

We are Thankful for You!

After an amazing week of conferences, we just want you to know that we are thankful for you! We know how hard you work at home to make sure your children are successful at school. We love working with your children and are so excited to see the growth they are going to make this school year. :)