Mountains and Valleys


Mountains and valleys, hard times and nice times, ups and downs, highs and lows. Lots of different meanings. From my experience people tend to call their hard times "valleys, downs, or lows" and their good times "hills, mountains, ups, or highs". Personally I don't really agree with a few of those.

Flashback a couple hours ago

So I'm in Utah, Zion National Park. Today after our group met up we started the Angel's Landing trail. In approximate order from faster hikers to slower ones: me, Ben (Sean's friend), Mathew (Sean's friend), Sean (my brother), my dad, Christian (my other brother), Ben's dad, my mom, and Ben's mom. I was usually ten feet ahead of everyone else, so I had some thinking time for myself while enjoying the view. So I'm hiking (later rock climbing without gear) and there are these steep hills that you have to hike up then you can run down, scream, and feel the wind all around you. And after a few of those I thought to myself, Man, I love downhills. Then I thought of the expression "mountains and valleys" and I can't help but think, It's the in betweens, I mean, nothing happens why you're standing still at the very top or bottom. I guess there's the view, but there's nothing in metaphorical terms.

"Back to the future";)+Topic change :)



To me those are words I receive joyously. I am usually up to any challenge and obstacles that require physical or logical power are fun too. Earlier I mentioned "later rock climbing without gear" I just wasn't sure what to call it. I was climbing huge, tricky rock formations without gear. It was awesome. The best parts were when I would be scaling some tricky rock formation and people cheered me on. The worst was when people forced me to stay on the path, it had a chain for people to grab. I was pretty frustrated. I was a mountain goat forced to take safe trails. But some people just "watch out" for others I guess. I don't blame them. Challenges are great. If I never had a challenge in my life I would be bored out of my mind. You also get the pleasurable feeling of accomplishment.

Summary-ish thingy

I think it's the trekking uphill in the scorching sun that are the hard times in life, while running down to the shade and safety of the valley are the better times in life. That's only what I think. Of course other people will have other opinions and ideas, so I'm not saying this is the truth. Have you ever walked/biked/somehow-got-up a hill thinking Man I hate hills. You just keep walking up, up, and up. Then, you Find a wonderful downhill that you can relax and stop straining so much. You wouldn't be able to feel that "finally downhill!" feeling without "I wish this was downhill". No ups without without downs, no rose without thorn, no hill without valley, etc.

I love obstacles.

What's life without a challenge?


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