Mt.St Helens Eruption Destruction

People Everywhere Traumatized

What happened.

This happened in May 18, 1980 On the morning of May 18, US-GS vulcanologist David A. Johnston, camped on the ridge with his lasers, radioed in his regular 7 a.m. report. The changes to the bulging mountain were consistent with what had been reported several times daily since the watch began.

This is the map of the St Helens Eruption

How Food and Water Water was effected.

The water turned all mucky and dirty. All life in the water died from pollution. Lamar and prognostic flow(lava mixed with water) was deposited and blocked the river and raised the surface by 200 ft.along the Swift Creek, Pine Creek, and Muddy River drainage's--and emptied nearly 18 million cubic yards of water, mud, and debris into the Swift Reservoir

How the Power was effected

  • It burned down the power lines which shut down all the power.

  • air traffic was ceased due to the excess amount of smoke in the air.

  • electricity was down until the lava was cooled

Inanimate objects destroyed

  • the lava can exceed 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and burnt down the houses near it.

  • 15 miles of rail roads were damaged beyond repair

  • 185 miles of road was destroyed

  • the eruption flattened 220 square miles

Even Worse, alive beings dead

The ecosystem was destroyed, but all the nutrient that was under the mountains soil was spread ed across the surface of the mountain.with the hot gas and debris killing countless animals and damaging or destroying large swaths of forest. But life did not entirely end then and there. Among the reasons the ecology rebounded are some surprising factors, including the early morning timing of the eruption, the fact that spring had been late to arrive that year, and the amazing ability of insects to parachute in once a recovery was underway.

People affected

  • 57 humans died

  • caused over a billion dollars in damage.

  • 200 houses burned

  • The people had to eat rations provided by the law enforcements
  • Aztecs thought volcanoes had gods

The impact that it still has today

The Mt. St Helen visitor center center at castle Rock cost $5.5 million to construct, Trails Roads int he park, and interpretive center cost another $42.3 million bucks, New Highways and bridges from the Toutle River to Johnston River cost $145 million. Facilities along the road cost another $25 million

The trees destroyed

Similar but smaller event

Stromboli is a similar volcano to Mt. St Helen.
It killed 5 people.
3 by lava, 2 by debris

This Poor Car