Welcome to Madison, County

Chris Ritter

History of Madison County, NC

Madison County, NC was founded in 1851 When is was founded it was in the mountain range. The reason its called Madison County is because they named the county after James Madison. There are many natural landmarks but there are two that i like and its the Jeff White House and the Marshall High school. A lot of the tourist go there for the attractions like hot springs and mars hill many people love seeing them.

About the management of Madison county

Their are currently 5 members of the County Board of Commissioners at this time. You may not know who Forrest Gilliam is but he is the county manager. Their are 6 members of city council. The city manager is Lawrence Ponder he is also mayor. The county seat is known as Marshall its a nice place if you want to relax at.

Facts about Madison County,NC

Hot springs and mars hill are the two high leading tourist attractions in Madison. The county is also know for there history of civil war events. Madison County,NC is bordered by many other counties like Greene County, Haywood County Cocke County, and Buncombe County.