Theodore Roosevelt

Charlie Morado

Theodore Roosevelt often referred to as teddy or TR he was an American statesman, author, explore, soldier, naturalist and reformer who served as the 26th president of the United States from 1901to 1909
Born: October 27,1858, New York City

Died: January 6, 1919 (age 60) , Oyster Bay, New York

Political parties: republican (1880-1909) & progressive " bull moose" (1912)

Religion: Dutch Reformed Church

Roosevelt Death

On the night of January 5, 1919 Roosevelt experienced breathing problems.he felt better after treatment from his physician, Dr. George W. Faller, and went to bed. Roosevelt's last words were " please put out that light" from 4:00 a.m to 4:15 a.m the next morning, Roosevelt died in his sleep at Sagamore Hill as a result of a blood clot detaching from a vein and traveling to his lungs upon receiving word of his death, his son archibald telegraphed his siblings simply " the old lion is dead!

Roosevelt's First Marriage & others

On his 22nd birthday, Roosevelt married socialite Alice Hathaway Lee, daughter of banker George Cabot Lee and Caroline Watts Haskell. Their daughter Alice Lee Roosevelt was born on February 12, 1884. Roosevelt's wife died two days after giving birth due to an undiagnosed case of kidney failure called Bright's disease at the time which had been masked by the pregnancy. In his diary, Roosevelt wrote a large "X" on the page and then , the light has gone out of my life. His mother, Mittie, has died of typhoid fever eleven hours earlier at 3:00 a.m in the same house. Distraught, Roosevelt left baby Alice in the care of his sister Bamie in New York City while he grieved.

Roosevelt's Second marriage

On December 2, 1886, Roosevelt married his childhood and family friend, Edith Kermit Carow ( August 6, 1861- September 30, 1948) with two children Charles Carow & Gertrude Elizabeth Tyler.