Starlight foundation

Help sick children in need

History of the starlight foundation

The starlight foundation started in 1982 by Peter Samuelson and his cousin Emma Samms. When they were young, Emma’s little brother Jamie was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and tragically lost his battle against the disease. Years later, Emma visited a young boy named Sean who was in hospital and was seriously ill with a brain tumor. Like many children around the world, Sean had a dream of going to Disneyland, so Peter and Emma fulfilled his wish and brought him and his mom from London to Los Angeles. The starlight foundation is a organisation where a tiny dream can be turned into something more.
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The starlight foundation's goals are to fulfil the dreams of children and their families. Don't you want to see young children grow up and live? Donate to support this organisation and we can see the generations grow.
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Emily's Story

This is a story is a young girl called Emily. Last month we shared with you a story about seven-year-old Emily who has a rare connective tissue disorder. She has problems with severe reflux, bladder and bowel issues, and her joints can dislocate very easily. She’s been attached to a feeding pump almost 24 hours a day since she was five months old. Thank you to your generous support that Captain Starlight is there to make Emily feel special, putting on puppet shows, telling jokes, and getting buried in a pile of beanbags! Don't you want to help children like Emily survive?