Chill with Neptune

It's cool, trust me.

C'mon the weather's great!

We have the wild weather here! Who wouldn't want to go surfing on...... Uh... Air!

If you like Winter then this is the planet for you! At an amazing -353° Fahrenheit, this planet is the worlds coldest place in our Solar System. It receives a thousand times less sunlight than Earth yet somehow has enough energy to create all of this! Ohohoho you would need a LOT of clothes to survive but hey, if you like cold weather, c'mon over!


Since I am a kid who obviously wants money, the prices will be expensive.

I won't ask extra if you want to bring family with you, just do not bring 50 people with you.

The price for adults are $10,000

Kids are $5,000

Seniors are $3,500


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