George Washington High School

EAGLES ARISE - April 2022


Friday, May 13th, 7-10:30pm

2450 Grant Avenue

Ogden, UT

Prom is back and will be held at the beautiful Copper Nickel! Admission is free and this year's theme is Glitz and Glam. We'll have a taco truck and other snacks. Students may borrow prom dresses or jackets and ties from GWHS. Forms to do so need to be turned in by April 29th. Any students who wish to bring someone from another school need a permission form. They can get one from the office or Samon Samano. Completed forms need to be turned in to the office by May 11th.

Please note: If a student gets suspended the week of prom, they will not be permitted to attend prom.

ARISE Tickets

There are now three ways students can use their ARISE tickets. They can be spent at the GWHS store, used to buy tickets to enter the raffle for Airpods, which will be held May 4th, or at the end of the year field day (water balloons, dunk tank tickets, taco truck).

School Land Trust

When Utah became a state, seven million acres of public lands were set aside to support public institutions. Approximately 96% of the funds generated by these trust lands support public education. You can learn more about the history and management at the link below.

Principal's Message - George Washington Land Trust Goal/Plan

Parents and School Partners,

Here is our School Leadership Team's Plan for using School Land Trust money to help reach our district goals of increased graduation and improved literacy:

Goal #1: Graduation Goal - Increase the 2022 - 2023 School Year Graduation to 59.8% from 39.8% in 2020 - 2021.

Plan- Hire a targeted Academic Interventionist to help provide targeted support for each struggling senior.

Measure: The USBE 4-Year Cohort Graduation Rate

Goal #2: Literacy Goal- Increase student Lexile scores by 50 points after 4 consecutive terms of participation.

Plan- Contract with the University of Utah Reading Clinic to provide targeted literacy instruction for teachers in Fluency Oriented Reading Interventions.

Measure- Using the Achieve 3000 program students will take a pre and post test.

If you have any questions or would like us to consider a different plan or strategy, please let me know by emailing me at

Student of the Month - Esperansa Mata

Esperansa is amazing and dedicated and graduated an impressive two months before the end of her Junior year! Prior to graduating, she was always here at school on time and ready to work! She was invested in learning and loved to ask for help when she didn't understand something. She was always friendly and eager to help others understand as well. Espy was part of the SBOs and was very involved with many activities in our school. Her participation in every class was outstanding. This year her attendance was 92%, her GPA was 3.6 and she earned more than 10 credits! We are excited that she is going to speak at our graduation ceremony and she has already started drafting her speech. Esperansa embodies each of our ARISE standards and serves as a wonderful model to other students.

Espy really enjoyed her ceramics classes and was proud of her work with the SBOs. She liked helping other students feel comfortable at school and planning our ARISE assemblies. Setting up games was something she was particularly fond of and good at. Bobbing for apples during the Halloween assembly was great fun for all. She was a natural emcee for these celebrations and had a positive impact on these events. Espy plans to attend OTech for Dental Assisting and is working with her counselor and advisor to get started with this program.

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PM School

Do you need extra support in any of your classes? Are you hoping to earn extra credits? PM School may be right for you. It is held after school in the computer lab. You can get help with assignments, work on gap plans or Odysseyware.

Student Work

Ms. Gardner's World Civilizations class has been studying World War I. Students researched trench warfare and trench design and used what they learned to build a model trench in a shoebox using supplies from Ms. Gardner. Below are a few examples.

Summer School

Summer school is a great opportunity to make up credits or get ahead for next year! This year, summer school will go from June 6th - June 30th (Mon - Thurs). Permission slips slips will be sent home at the beginning of May. If you have any questions, please contact Chad Thompson at 801.737.8256 or
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