Tank Man

Respected Figure

Who Is Tank Man?

Tank Man Was A Guy That Wanted To Stop The Communist Government In China. This Event Took In A Place Near Tiananmen, China. This Is The Largest Open Space Place In The World. Students Wanted To Protest Against The Communist Government, Then Followed By Workers, Journalist, And Others.

Did China Try To Stop The Peaceful Protests?

They Did, In A Bad Way

They Sent Troops To Stop The Peaceful Protest. Later They Sent Tanks. The Protest Later Turned Violent. Since The People Did Not Want To Leave, China Attacked The Protesters. This Ended On 100,00 People Dead. They Also Banned Cameras That Were Outside Of China.
Heroes - The Tank man

Who Is He?

When He Did This, He Was 19 Years Old. Pretty Crazy For A Young Man, Right? His Name Is Wang Weilin. This Happened Aprrox 24 Years Ago.