Giver community v.s. ours

utopia or dystopia

Our society is very different from the one in the giver.

while our community has 30 human rights, theirs only has 5: Freedom from discrimination, right to equality before the law, right to social security, right to adequate living standards, right to education. In the giver society everything is converted to "sameness" which gets rid of all individuality and emotion. All love has been demolished, even family love, the government chooses your spouse and even your child is not yours. The Giver community has also changed the environment, , getting rid of hills, coler, weather, and animals.

There are also some similarity's.

There is school and child-care. there is government and laws. there is suicide and execution. There is some nature. there is sickness. there is loss. is corrupt government.

There are many dark secrets...

in the giver community the citizens are naive and innocent. and while they don't know it they are killing others when they never even got to live...

What do you think is more important?

the community got rid of war, sickness, the knowledge of death, racism, poverty, and divorce. but it also got rid of almost all human rights including Right to fair public hearing, Freedom from interference with privacy, Right to Marriages and Family, Freedom of Belief and Religion, and Freedom of expression, not to mention personality.


The Giver assignment,

choice 3

Gwendolyn Renee Julian

fifth grade