Assessing Children's Health S'More

Chapters 2 and 3: Assessing Children's Health

Detailed Directions

Our online learning this week will explore the issue of childhood obesity which greatly compromises their present as well as future health.

1. Set aside about 30 minutes to watch the KSPS Public Television documentary, Our Supersized Kids.

2. Based on the documentary, your reading, and your informed personal opinion, thoughtfully respond in writing to the following and bring to class: Should teachers calculate children's BMI and inform families if their child is overweight? Be prepared: In class we will be debating this issue and role-playing how a teacher might share this information with an unreceptive parents and offer suggestions for improving the child's nutrition and physical activity.

3. Read and carefully consider the Case Study on page 79 about Mrs. Howard and 2-year-old Parker. Thoughtfully answer ALL 5 questions that are included in the case study. Add these answers to the document you already created and bring it to class on Tuesday, Jan 30.

Our Supersized Kids