The Hawaiian Purge

The abrupt removal of the Great Hawaiian Monarchy


The Great Hawaiian Kingdom was abolished, due to the actions of Minister John L. Stevens, President McKinley, and President Cleveland, on the memorable day of July 7, 1893 thus claiming the end of the Hawaiian Monarchy.


The overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom was due to the actions that Minister John L. Stevens, President McKinley, and President Cleveland had done. I feel as though this topic is important because not much people know about the sad overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom and their people. When I say not much people known about the overthrow, I'm also taking about the students who themselves live in Hawaii. Majority don't know what this islands they live on has gone through as well as the natives that lived before them. I want readers who come across my project to realize that Hawaii had not been treated fairly. Everything that happened in the past was full of manipulations and threats that the Hawaiians couldn't run from. The fate of Hawaii was drastically changed just based on one mere contact from the outside and now have become a puppet under a country who claimed to have used the annexation for the better good of both parties.

Is Hawai'i Legally and Lawfully a state of the Union?

I believe that Hawaii is neither legally or lawfully a state of the Union. It was stated that in order to take over or annex a new territory, a treaty would need to be included yet a proper treaty was not introduced. Hawaii was not happy about the annexation and had tried everything they could to get out of it. In this case, America had forced Hawaii to become a part of them although they had refused. America had placed tape on the mouths of the Hawaiian natives and drew smiles as if everything was right or moral, which was not.

Kaulana Na Pua

This was a story of how Hawaii was invaded by the foreigners and how many wanted to take control over them. As Hawaiians stayed loyal to their ways, the foreigners had done everything they could to change them. United, they will help each other to stand against the new power of bad how only had intentions of using the land and offering money and other unimportant gifts. They vow to forever support their Queen who had won the rights of the lands in fairness and peace.
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Queen Liliuokalani

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