Between Shades Of Gray

By: Zoe Carmack, Jasmine Carpenter, Macey Gerrek

Main Character

Lina is a 15 year old whos family is captured by the NKVD. Her personality effects the resolution because if she was not as brave and as strong as she was, then she might not have survived. She was very strong-headed in this experience because she did not let the NKVD get into her head and did not let them bring her down. She was also very strong because she saw all those people die, and even some were her family and friends, If she was not as strong then seeing all those people die could have made her sad and eventually end up dying with them, but she learned to just deal with it and keep going on with life, and know that it would eventually all get better.

Plot Development

In the beginning of this book Lina and her family gets captured by the NKVD and they get put into a train with a bunch of people and get taken to siberia. When they get to Siberia they are put into houses with other people and had to sign a contract to agree to work for the NKVD for at least 25 years, But Linas family did not agree to sign this contract. After a while they get moved to go to Trofimovsk. After that the cold came in and it was really bad and most people died including the mom and some people got diseases.


Its during the time of world war 2 and the jews were looking for the Germans to come save them. they came out of world war 1. After everything happened they learned to be thankful for what they had like life, eachother, and food. They also learned not to take things for granit because it could be taken away just as fast.