Sixth Grade News


Happenings and Dates

New Grade book:

We are excited to announce that you are now able to look at how your child is progressing in each class using the online website, Engrade. Engrade lets you easily see all of your child's assignment scores, class grades, and attendance online. This Thursday, your child will bring home a slip of paper with an access code that will enter once you have signed up for a free account. This past Thursday, your child signed in to a student made account so he or she will also be able to check progression as well.

Grades will be updated by Sunday at 8 pm.

Signing up for Engrade is quick and easy:

1. First, your teacher or school will need to give you your access code(s). Your access codes will look like parsonsfse6-student id #-4 additional number. Only your teacher or school can give you your codes.

2. Use those codes to sign up for a free Student/Parent account here. Signing up will let you pick a username and password that you can use to login to Engrade.

3. Once signed up, you can login here anytime with your username and password.

Behavior Form:

The 6th grade team, specialists, and EAs have created a universal Google Form to keep track of students who are not displaying ROCKS behavior around FSE. The 6th grade teachers will use this form to brainstorm solutions for behaviors that are consistently arising. We will work with our students to reflect and come up with solutions to move forward in a positive direction.


1/22/16-Mesa Counselors will be at FSE to explain the classes that students will be able to choose for next year. They should come home with a form to make some selections for classes. They will not necessarily get all of their first choices.

Student Recognition

Congratulations to our 2nd quarter AR recipients! Students who earned this award met their goals in AR level, points earned, and 90% comprehension averaged on tests.

Trececk: Liliana, Rosy, Logan, Neil, Alyssa, Brynne, Caleb, Kayla, Jordan L, Zoe L, Cross, Brexten, Jeremy

Parsons: Carter B, Diana, Reagan, Jackson, Maggie, Christa, Drake, Chris T, Mandy, Audrey

Marks: Nick W, Faith S, Hailey, Jonathan, Dylan, Kylie, Josh, Chris D, Jaden D, Peyton, Brooke

Lossin: Maya E, Stephen, Riley G, Evan K, Kurt, Micayla, Tabari, Hannah


We are in the middle of our short story unit. Students have been reading and discussing various short stories. The discussions led by students are animated and an engaging. Students have been working on writing higher level questions that encourage them to go deeper into the story with their understanding. We have also been evaluating the degree of influence with the complex social system of the short story. Students are looking at the parts of the system and analyzing how that influences the rest of the story.

In addition to reading short stories, students have started writing literary essays in response to the story read. We have completed our first essay this week. My goal is to have students respond to a prompt on a deeper level and support their thinking with textual evidence.

Within a week, students will begin crafting their own short stories. Students will work on developing their characters, setting, and plot based on their learning from social studies.

Genius Hour has gotten off to a great start. Many students already have their topics and questions approved and are ready to create their proposals. Those will come home within the next week for parents to read and approve. Students are excited to get going on their learning. I am looking forward to seeing the students' final projects as they have some very engaging and interesting topics.

Social Studies

In our unit we have been discussing different types of government how they compare to one another along with what the degree of influence is within a complex social system. Your children worked in groups to create their own government based off the different governments we had learned in class. They all got their grades back with specific feedback attached. Then they researched information about a couple of different governments and are writing compare and contrast papers about these governments. The next thing your children will be working on is a country study. They will get to research a country of their choice. They will researching their country's government, economy, day to day lifestyle, and culture. Students will use this information to do a couple of things. They will write a short story as if they were a person living in that country in ELA. They will also be doing a UN summit that will focus on questions around ethical decisions are that presented through the lens of science and social studies and contribute their ideas through the lens of the government they have researched.


We have begun our newest world class outcome: Evaluate interactions within and among multiple systems. In order to ask meaningful questions during the unit that students ask towards mastery of the world class outcome, we focused on how to ask questions that allow them to process information in the levels of remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. One of the questions that was asked that we will focus in on during the next little while is, "How do weather and water systems interact and impact other systems on earth?" Students will be learning about how not all natural disasters are severe weather, the levels of the atmosphere and how each level interacts/impacts the other, air pressure, fronts, biomes in the ocean, the water table, and much more.

Other news: Recently, your child came home with an energy saving kit. These items were donated to our 6th grade from the Black Hills company and are yours to keep. There are investigations in the orange booklet about how many gallons different faucets in your house use per minute. It's a fun, interactive activity for your and your child to do together at your leisure. Please know that you are not obligated to use the products in your home. There is a short survey at the beginning and end of the orange booklet (pages 1-2 and 19-20) that your child can take. If 80% of our 6th graders take the survey and turn it in, Black Hills will donate $200 to our grade level. Please know the survey is anonymous and will not be tied back to you.

Coding: Before we went on winter break, your child participated in the hour of code on Khan Academy and They used code to draw pictures, build websites, and explore designing apps.


Students are still working on their restaurant project.

WCOs that will be assessed in this unit are:

  • Attend to precision- Mathematically proficient students try to communicate precisely to others.
  • Model with math - Mathematically proficient students can apply the mathematics they know to solve problems arising in everyday life, society, and the workplace.

4C that will be assessed:

  • Collaboration (Cooperation - Consistently follows agreed upon norms for respectful discussions and decision making; consistently accepts and fulfills individual role within group. Responsibility and Productivity - Accepts responsibilities with a positive attitude. Assists others as needed; values opinions and skills of all group members. Is often well prepared for group work; completes all individual action items on time. Submits high quality products; regularly meets specifications for assigned tasks. Periodically tracks the groups’ progress toward established goals and deadlines.)

The students are beginning Unit 6 this week.

Math Content for Unit 6:

Number Systems and Algebra Concepts

The lessons of Unit 6 bridge the gap between arithmetic and algebra. Unit 6 has four main areas of focus:

  • Review multiplication of fractions and mixed numbers
  • Introduce an algorithm for division of fractions
  • Perform basic operations with positive and negative numbers
  • Review and model equation-solving techniques