Angkor wat cambodia

what is it?

Angkor wat is, quite literally, heaven on earth.Angkor is the erathly representation of mt meru, the mt Olymus of the hindu faith and the abode of ancient god

where is it found?

is in the cambodia's nortern provice of siem reap

Is it a cultural or natural site?

it is cultural site

Year of inscription

it is a man made was bulit in the first half of the century

first activity

visit angkor wat

Travelling to the angkor vilage by elephant was the traditional way to see the temples way back in the early days at tourisum angkor.

2nd activity

Be try a local snack

As one walk around the temples complex,one may like to try some of the local bugs such as corn beeties crockroaches or even taruntala spider of scorpions