The Elements of 4th Grade at LJM

February 2016

4th Grade News

Important Dates / Reminders

Mon., Feb. 1st = 2nd Marking Period Report Cards Issued

Fri., Feb. 5th = LJM PTO Book Bingo (6-8 p.m.)

Fri. Feb. 12th= School not in session

Updates to the Red Lion School Calendar due to Inclement Weather

· Our snow day on Mon., January 25th will be made up on February 15th

· Our snow day on Tues., January 26th will be made up on March 28th

· Our snow day on Wednesday, January 27th will be made up on June 6th

· If we happen to have any more snow days for the duration of the 2015-2016 school year…..those days will be added to the end of the school year.

· June 3, 2016 = Full Day of School

· June 6, 2016 = Last Day of School for Students

Students will be dismissed at 11:30 a.m.)


Throughout the month of February we will be identifying the point of view of both fiction and nonfiction text. Students will be supporting the point of view of a text with specific evidence from the text. Also, we will be discriminating between primary and secondary sources. How the point of view of non fiction text is interpreted using our knowledge about first hand and second hand accounts, identifying biases, and being able to compare and contrast viewpoints on the same event.

Continue to read 20 minutes each night and work toward your 40-book challenge. Let’s get reading….we are half way there!!!


Our persuasive writing essay unit will continue throughout the month of February.

In addition, we will be focusing on figurative language for a short time to help with the content and style of our writing as author’s.


Throughout the month of February we will be covering units 6 and 7 of our Everyday Math Program. These two units will teach us about multiplying fractions, how to use angles with geometry and all sorts of division!

Please be sure to check in your child about their weekly math boxes and practice our mental math multiplication and division problems at home as often as possible! :)


February is a month full of plants and animals! We will study how these living organisms grow, what they give our Earth and how they interact with one another in the ecosystem! We will end our animal unit with a research paper on a specific animal to share with one another!