Sammy's Kick Off Glitch

To be mastered at this glitch, you must practice.


Have you ever tired of not scoring goals on FIFA 14, so here is a solution to you? I found this glitch way back ago when I wanted to score from kick-off. So it magically happens, so I tried over and over and sometimes it works so that’s why I am going to teach you to HOW TO do this glitch.


  • Xbox or PS console
  • A TV if you have one
  • A controller came with the console
  • A chair
  • FIFA 14


Turn on your TV, and switch to HDMI1 or HDMI2. Put the FIFA 14 disc into your console and start up a soccer match.


If you have the ball first, press A (ox Xbox) or press X (on PS) to do the kick off.


Next, tap your left thumbstick and hold it to the right. Then press a combo of LB + A (on Xbox) or L1 + X (on PS) to do a 1-2 pass.


Wait for the other player to run to the back of the field and then you press LB + A (on Xbox) or L1 + Triangle (on PS) and hold it time the power of the pass over the defenders to the player that is standing way back of the field. Be careful don’t get offside!


Finally press B or Square and hold for the power of the shot to score a goal.


P.S – If you failed for the first time, that’s fine. I tried it many times to do the glitch. Just go to the practice arena in the home page to practice.

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