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Newsletter for the Week of September 29. 2014

Principal's Corner

Dear Students, Faculty, and Parents,

I am pleased to share this week's newsletter in this new format with you. Please let me know your thoughts about this new style. If you like it, we will continue to use it.


On behalf of FSAPS faculty, I thank FSAPS families very much for the wonderful teacher luncheon today. Everything was very delicious! THANK YOU!


This past Friday, September 26, ten representatives from our school traveled to Savannah, Georgia to participate in 2014 STEM Education Award Ceremony as a finalist. Our group included two school board members, two administrators, two teachers, one parent, and three students. The event was wonderful. We did not win 1st place but we still enjoyed our trip as we had a chance to see many wonderful STEM activities during the event. Please see some pictures below.
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October 3, 2014 – Deadline to Apply for Spring Break Turkey Trip

October 7, 2014 – Kindergarten Career Day

October 8, 2014 – FSAPS SKYZONE Spirit Night

October 10, 2014 – Berry Patch Farms Field Trip for Grades K, 1, and 2.

October 10 – 12, 2014 – Chess and Math Olympiad Cabin Camps

October 13, 2014 – Teacher Work Day – NO SCHOOL for Students – Parents may schedule parent teachers conferences for the first half of the day till noon. The second half of the day will be used for professional development.

October 17, 2014 – 1st Quarter Report Card

October 17, 2014 – Turkish Class Mothers’ Coffee Night

October 20, 2014 – Middle School Field Trip to Gem Mining

October 21, 2014 – Deadline to Enroll for 7th Grade DUKE University Talent Identification Program


FSAPS Math Olympiad students participated in 2014 Luella High School Math Competition on Saturday Sept 27th. There were 704 students participated in the competition on Saturday Sept 27th. We won 4th place as a team with 170 points.

1st and 2nd place teams received 171 points

3rd and 4th place teams received 170 points

Congratulations to FSAPS Math Olympiad students for this accomplishment. Way to go!

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On Saturday, FSAPS had 8 volunteers representing our school. Our group placed markers at nearly 50 storm drains and placed hundreds of informational hanging door tags on homes in the area where storm drains were marked. The markers are placed to remind people not to put trash and chemicals of any sort into storm drains because they feed into the Chattahoochee River. Other groups picked up trash along trails and parks and were in boats in the river that covered the entire span of the Chattahoochee in Roswell.

Keep Roswell Beautiful organization collected over 1000 pounds of trash during this event.

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FSA Robotics Team attended a wonderful cabin camp at Lake Lanier this past weekend. They spent all day working on their robots, presentations, and programming. When they weren't sleeping, eating, or working, they went outside and explored the acres of land. They went down to the lake and walked around on the dock. At night they sat around a campfire and roasted marshmallows, while they bonded as a team. Keep up the great work robotics team! This is what we call team spirit! Way to go!

Robotics team built and worked on 2014 FLL challenge projects and the robot. They used the New Lego Mindstorms platform EV3. In the camp, students were introduced important and complex aspects of Lego Mindstorms NXT and EV3 platform such as how to calibrate servomotors and color sensors.

A group of students from Future City Team and Turkish Olympiad Team joined the camp as well. Students had wonderful time, while preparing for their academic competitions.

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Congratulations to the fifth grade class for winning the Time for Kids fundraiser competition and earning a class party! All FSAPS students in kindergarten through sixth grade have now been subscribed to Time for Kids magazine. Students in grades K-2 will receive four copies of the magazine once per month for the duration of the school year, and students in grades 3-6 will receive weekly copies every week from now until May. Students in grades 2-6 will also receive bi-monthly copies of Time for Kids Around the World, each featuring detailed information, fun facts, and student bios from school-age kids in different countries.

Time for Kids is aligned with Common Core State Standards for language arts and social studies, and it is a wonderful supplement to our school programs. It is an excellent way for students to practice their learning standards while keeping up with world events, culture, and important news. Each edition of the magazine also includes interactive smart board activities and technology integration for increased student engagement and involvement in the classroom.

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This past Saturday, the FSAPS Anime Club students traveled to the AWA convention in Atlanta. Students and chaperones participated in workshops, selected to attend various panel presentations of interest, and watched shows where artists used Anime as a springboard for dramatic, visual, and/or musical interpretation.

Some of the favorites were “Aerial Anime” where acrobats performed famous Anime scenes on silk, “Shakespeare as told by Anime” where actors dressed as Anime characters reenacted famous Shakespeare scenes, and the ever-popular panel “Pokemon Vs. Digimon.” The great debate continues! We are already pumped for next year’s AWA convention. Only 362 more days to go…


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Imagine a seemingly endless sea of trampolines, all connected to form one massive trampoline surface. Now, imagine that surface enclosed with angled trampolines that allow you to literally bounce off the walls! That is Sky Zone. Come join us on Wednesday, October 8 anytime from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and jump with your friends while earning money for our school.

For only $9.00 you can jump for an hour and FSA Private School gets a portion of the proceeds. Have dinner too! For $10 you get a large pizza and 4 drinks and part of the that money will also go back to our school. Be sure to bring your Skysocks from last time or get another pair for $2.

Everyone who jumps must have a waiver filled out, and signed by a parent or legal guardian. The waiver can be filled out online at http://www.skyzone.com/roswell/Online-Waiver?WaiverType=Paper

1425 Market Blvd.
Suite 100-A
Roswell, GA | 30076
Phone: (678) 745-9900 | Fax: (678) 745-9902

(In back of King's Market Center next to Publix)

Proceeds will be used toward the purchase of science kits for our school.

Come have a great time with friends while supporting our school.

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For anyone interested in an art-themed outing

Check out the Marietta Art Festival Saturday, October 11th!

Mrs. Millar will be there, so if you see her, stop and say hello! :)

Anyone who enters the ChalkFest Competition may have a dress down day on Tuesday, October 14th if they wear their ChalkFest T-shirt!

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Your child is invited to “Tech Fair Teams Cottage Camp” from 11/7 to 11/9. Students are going to be trained at workshops that will take place in this camp. Tech Fair team will build and work on 2014 Tech Fair projects. Students will be provided immediate feedback during camp so that they can work on their projects' outline. In the camp, students will be introduced the programs and instructions in a detailed way before Regional Tech Fair.

Application deadline for this camp is October 17th. Fee for the cabin and expenditures is $75 per student. Our parents are also welcome to join us & fee for the cabin and expenditures is also $75 per parent. If your child would like to attend cottage camp, please return your form to Mr. Sanal before the deadline. Any necessary medications for your child need to be labeled, placed in a zip-lock bag and given to Mr. Sanal before leaving from FSA.

This camp covers Middle School Tech Fair students and 5th graders (5th and 6th graders are in the same division). If needed, Elementary camp may be scheduled later.


FSAPS Chess and Math Teams have organized a weekend cabin camp for FSA students.

We will be leaving at 6:00 PM on FRIDAY, October 10, 2014 and return back around 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 12, 2014.

Delicious food will be prepared and served by teachers in accordance with students' dietary restrictions.

There will be 2-3 teacher chaperons during the camp depending on the student number. Parents are most welcome to attend as well. Cost per student is $75.00.

For more information, registration form and questions, please contact Mr. Seker at dseker@fultonscienceacademy.org.

First come first serve! First 30 students will be accepted.


We have planned another amazing Spring Break Trip for our students, faculty and parents this year.

We recommend the spring break trip to anyone interested and the summer camp to middle school students who takes Turkish language at FSAPS.

Spring Break Turkey Trip - From Saturday, April 4, 2015 to Monday, April 13, 2015

Summer Turkish Language Camp – From Saturday, May 23rd to Saturday, June 13, 2015.

If you wish to attend, please return the application form for each person attending and return to FSA front office by Friday, October 3rd, 2014.

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Principal Sener has created a Remind account to keep our community informed and up-to-date with what is happening at our school.

By joining FSAPS remind, you will be receiving messages via push notifications, SMS, or e-mail. We recommend SMS option for our families and students.

Principal Sener will use this tool as an addition to other communication tools we use at our school.

If interested, please click here to follow the instructions.


Everyone will be receiving an email from TreeRing.com today or tomorrow (please check your spam folders if you don't see an email from TreeRing!). For those who are not familiar with it, this is the website we will be using to create and purchase our yearbooks.

Packets of information about TreeRing will be going home with students this week - please keep an eye out for these as they give information about deadlines as well as giving step-by-step instructions on signing in, etc.

Everyone may create 2 free *customized* yearbook pages - Upload your own pictures and create your own personalized pages of memories!

TreeRing.com also allows everyone to create an online school community. Please feel free to upload any photos you take at school events to the public/shared folders. Please make sure to *label* your pictures & please make sure they go into the right folder! If it is a personal photo, please make sure to upload it into 'personal memories' not 'shared' folders!

Please do not hesitate to email Mrs. Millar (rmillar@fultonscienceacademy.org) if you have any questions, issues, and/or if you did not receive an email from TreeRing!

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