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February 4th Newsletter

Happy Black History Month!

Meet Your Academy Curriculum Supervisors!

Sharene Martin-Brown

Over the course of her twenty-seven year career, Sharene Martin-Brown has had the pleasure of developing and teaching courses in English, German, dance, earth science, American Sign Language and U.S. history to both youth and adult learners in industry, school corporations, and university outreach and degree programs. At KHS, she currently teaches ACP English, German, and Dance Performance: Ethnic/Folk, is the curriculum supervisor for the 21st Century Academy and the Co-leader of the English Professional Learning Community, sponsors Phantasm, and coaches K-Troupe, Kokomo High School’s performance dance troupe.

In addition, Sharene works with her husband in their publishing company, facilitates workshops at writing conferences across North America, and teaches writing courses at Indiana University Kokomo, as well as teaches dance, choreographs for local groups and showcases, and competes in pro/am with her partner, Fred Astaire professional Jonah Schneider, in American Rhythm, American Smooth, and International Latin ballroom styles.

After earning her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education from Indiana University in Bloomington, Sharene attended Ball State University to complete her Charter School Leadership certificate. Creating arts programs is her passion, and she looks forward to one day realizing her dream of developing a nonprofit integrated dance company for those with health, mobility, and/or cognitive challenges who want the opportunity to perform.

Sharene is a life-long resident of Kokomo, Indiana, where she resides with her husband, Robert, a substitute teacher at KHS. She enjoys life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to the fullest, and loves working with our students, who are, without a doubt, the greatest in the world.

Cheryl Dowden

Cheryl Dowden is a proud graduate of Kokomo High School and has spent her thirty-year teaching career here at KHS. She is a Co-leader for the Social Studies Professional Learning Community, a Curriculum Supervisor for the 21st Century Academy, and an American History teacher.

Prior to her current assignment, she was the Curriculum Supervisor of social studies, foreign language, and fine and visual arts and taught 8th grade social studies at the former Downtown Campus for twelve years.

Upon graduation from high school, Cheryl attended Ball State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in social studies. She later earned her Master’s degree in secondary education and a Secondary Administration and Supervision license from Indiana University.

Cheryl has sponsored various school organizations during her tenure at KHS: Honor Society, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board, and Cultural Diversity Forum. She assisted in the implementation of the middle school foreign language program, served on school improvement committees and participated in several professional development workshops.

She and her husband, Jeff, will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary this summer. They have two children. Justin is a Ball State graduate and a teacher and coach at Greenfield Central. Lauren will graduate from Indiana University in May and has accepted an offer to work in Marketing and Sales for Anheuser Busch.

Cheryl enjoys her family and friends, travel, spectator sports, audio books and Mexican food!

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