Earth From Space: the Living Beauty

By: Josh Mulumba


European Space Agency (ESA)
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This book is about learning more about Earth. Even though we know a lot about our Earth there is also a lot of things that we do not know. There is still many things that we have not discovered. The European Space Agency realized that we can actually learn a lot more about Earth from leaving it. By studying Earth from Space it is easier to see the corners of our Earth and really study proccesses and movement that takes place in our Earth.

Personal Opinion

My personal opinion on this book is that it is a very good resource for research of the Earth. Especially for this being the European Space Agency's first book I was very impressed. I think it is very interesting how they took the approach to study the Earth from its outward appearance rather than doing what geologists do and just study the Earth from the inside.


“Although we think we know it well, every day it teaches us that there is still a lot to discover.”

“This book brings together a fascinating suite of images and discoveries made by satellites”

“The core and the mantle form the bulk of Earth. These regions are far too deep to be probed directly.”

Excerpt From: European Space Agency. “Earth from space.” v1.0. European Space Agency, 2013. iBooks.

Scientific Topics Discussed

  • Atmosphere
  • Land
  • Solid Earth
  • Cryosphere
  • Oceans
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Relation to Course

This book is related to our ESS course in many ways. First of all we have been studying the layers of the Earth recently and in this book the Earth's layers are discussed heavily. Plate tectonics are also another topic that is discussed in this book that we have been talking about in class. While reading this book I was able to cross over and use my prior knowledge of what we have already learned in class to help me understand each topic deeper.
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