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English Department

The required English courses are designed to increase the communication skills of each student. Emphasis is placed on the sequential development of skills needed in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and interpreting.

This arrangement allows students to enter the courses best suited to their needs, interests, and abilities.

Ninth grade English at TAHS is a thematic reader’s/writer’s workshop approach to aid the often difficult transition into high school expectations. We believe that all students need to be challenged at their level and that forcing early selection on students does not always produce the best results; thus, students of varying levels and goals work both as a class and as individuals on a variety of tasks that allow them to work at their own reading and writing levels, but that allow all students to see themselves as capable individuals and to learn from each other.

A remedial option is provided for ninth graders functioning five or more grade levels behind in reading and writing; these students are recommended for this option by their middle school teachers and by the results of the Virginia Literacy Passport Test.