Mahatma Gandhi

By: Jacob Owens

Background and Family life


Age~78(when he died)

Birthday~October 2,1869,in Porbandar,India

Family~Had a wealthy family,mom was a deeply religous woman. Father worked as cheif minister in Porbandar. Gandhi was shy. He also slept with his lights on at age 13.

How Gandhi Became Leader.

Gandhi formed the Natal Indian Congress in 1824 to fight discrimination. In 1906,Gandhi organized his first mass civil-disobedience campaign.Mahatma came back in 1930 to protest Britain's Salt Acts,which not only prohibited indians from collecting or selling salt but imposed heavy taxes.

How Gandhi influenced the world

Instead of violence Gandhi used words so nothing go to serious.
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"Change yourself-- you are in control"

Interesting facts

  1. Gandhi's nickname in school was Moniya
  2. When Gandhi was 13 he got married to a 14 year old
  3. He was a vegeterian