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October 22, 2020

The 8th Grade Living Rosary

One of many 8th grade traditions at Christ the King Catholic School is the Living Rosary. In past years 8th graders would line up in the church and form a rosary. Each student represented a bead and would take turns reciting their prayer. The rest of the student body would be in the pews with their rosaries reciting the prayers along with the 8th graders. This year, while we can't be together in person, we were able to celebrate the Living Rosary together virtually. We would love for you to join the 8th grade class in saying a decade of the rosary.

8th Grade Living Rosary

Guardian Angels Praying Together

Second graders got the opportunity to pray, socially distanced, with their Guardian Angels. They prayed a decade of the rosary together and even the virtual students were able to participate!
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Branches of the Government

Third graders have been studying the three branches of the government. Each class participated in a mock trial after reading the book “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs”. It was the trial of Alexander T. Wolf. Students participated as the judge lawyers, witnesses, and jury. The jurors deliberated the fate of the wolf, and the jury foreman announced the verdict to the class.
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Continuing with the government unit students participated in a fun craft project making the Branches of Government from actual tree branches and tying on leaves for the different sections.
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Quiet Reflection

Sixth graders stopped by the columbarium for some quite prayer time and reflection on a beautiful afternoon. Students have been enjoying their increased outdoor time this year.
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A Chilly Animal Experiment

During Science class 2nd graders learned about animals with a project in class. Students put their hands in an ice water bucket three times. Once with their hand in a ziplock bag, like an animal with no body covering, again with their hand in a glove inside the ziplock back, like a bird with feathers, and one last time with a double ziplock bag with shortening in between, like a mammal with fat.

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Creating Spider Homes

First graders have been learning all about spiders. Students made spider homes and decorated them with all sorts of fun things. Once their homes were complete they added their new residents...the spiders!
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Flashlight Word Hunt

One dark and cloudy morning last week, kindergarteners went on a flashlight word hunt! They couldn't wait to get their flashlights out and search around the room for thier words. What a fun way to practice sight words!

Flashlight Word Search

Young Paleontologists

Second graders pretended to be paleontologists and enjoyed “digging” for fossils with chocolate chip cookies.
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Cityscapes inspired by Paul Klee

Last month we showed you our 5th graders working on a project inspired by artist, Paul Klee. Their cityscapes are now done and proudly displayed in the hallways for everyone to see.
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Safety First!

Our 4th graders made sure their stuffed animals were safe to come to school for DEAR time! They wore masks and stayed socially distanced.
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STREAM Project in 5th Grade

Fifth graders presented their STREAM projects about Native Americans this week. In case you’re wondering, STREAM stands for Social Studies (students researched different Native American groups), Technology (the information was input into Google Slides to create a presentation), Reading (students read the “Sign of the Beaver”), Engineering (Native American houses were constructed), Art (dream catchers are being made in Art class) and Math (students will be measuring their houses to find the area). Students were most excited about being able to watch their virtual friends’ presentations!

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It's been an exciting end to the year for three of our sports this season. Our CTK athletes worked hard to achieve much success even with the challenges around them.


The 7th & 8th grade Catholic Firecracker football team completed their quest by making it to the championship game Wednesday night. A head to head match up with the Pulaski Heights Panthers, our CTK players inner bear played hard but came up short of the win. Our Firecrackers should be proud of the amazing season they played!

The 5th/6th grade Catholic Fire football team finished the season going to the playoffs. While they came up just short to the CAC Mustangs, 14-8, the inner bear worked hard all season and has gone off to hibernate to be ready to feast on next year's opponents. Congratulations Catholic Fire on a great season!

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Firecrackers on the News

Coach Mark McGhee was recognized at the Firecrackers' last football game Wednesday night. Coach Mark fell in love with coaching football after Johnny Morris, husband of retired CTK Athletic Director, Ann Morris, invited him to be on his coaching staff in 1998. Johnny taught Mark that being a good coach meant being a mentor to the football players. He lived by these words, "a good coach can change the game but a great coach can change a life". Coach Bill Hogue showed him the strategy of the game and clock management...the rest is history. A special thank you to Coach Mark McGhee for his 22 years of coaching Christ the King football.

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The 7th & 8th grade Mounties volleyball teams played their last home game here at the CTK Bear Den Monday night. The Sky Hawks were no match for our Mounties. Our 7th grade girls came back from behind taking it all in the last match and our 8th grade girls plucked out the feathers of that Hawk in just 2 sets. The last game of the season took place at Pulaski Heights. The win put both teams as league champs. GO MOUNTIES! In addition to the games, the 8th grade Mounties received roses during a special presentation before their game.

Stay tuned for more Bear news as we spike our way through the season of 5th - 8th grade volleyball. Our Bears are just getting started!!! GO LADY BEARS! GROWLLLL FEED THE BEAR!

Mounties Championship Volleyball Game
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Cross Country

The Cross Country team took off running last Wednesday. Their hard training over the summer has prepared them to chase down and defend our title. Our CTK bears gave a good showing with our boys finishing 2nd overall. Several of our lead bears captured the top 10 spots against over a 100 runners. Way to GO BEARS! The next meet takes place at the War Memorial Course on Oct 28th.


The Family Faith Formation committee will be featuring information in the Bear Bulletin periodically. The goal of this committee is to provide outreach to our CTK families and encourage parents to guide their children in their faith. The committee will be answering questions, providing information, and sharing ideas.

One of the first tasks of the committee members was to answer a few questions about the pandemic. Many of us are dealing with challenges during the pandemic and we are not alone. We would like to focus on the positives so we asked a few families the following question, "how has the pandemic helped your family grow closer?" Tyler Boelkens responded with this, "During the pandemic my family has grown closer together by spending more time together. Working from home and no work travel has given us an opportunity to be around each other more than ever. While we all miss how things were prior to the pandemic, we are embracing this gift of increased family time."

10 November Activities for Our Families

With the help of a Catholic blog, "Real Life at Home", CTK's Family Faith Formation committee found some fun activities for our Christ the King families to do together during the month of November.
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Upcoming Virtual Events

Our Pre-K Sneak Peek and Open House is going virtual and we can't wait to show everyone what a wonderful school we have! Help us spread the word about our Virtual Pre-K and Kindergarten Sneak Peek and our Fall Open House! If you a know a family who may be interested in more information fill out our "Refer a Family" form online:

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Click here for a list of sponsorship opportunities.

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