4th Grade News 10/12/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Donations Needed: If you have any board games that you are no longer using at home, we are looking for donations for our indoor recess games!

October 13th-District-Wide Making Math Meaningful Meeting

This meeting will be about making sense of common core math instruction. Please see the flyer below for more details about this meeting. My (Mrs. Curtright's) homeroom has a short number talk video that was recorded last week that will be shown at this meeting. The kids did a fabulous job and I am very proud of them!!

October 13th-Last day of the 9 weeks

October 14th-4H Comes to Stagecoach

Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothes and tennis shoes on Wednesday for our 4H day at Stagecoach. Please wear your class t-shirt! We will be outside most of the day participating in many different activities. It will be a great day of fun and learning!

October 15th-Fall Pictures

October 16th-Cabot Homecoming

We will have early dismissal at 2:15.

October 19th, 20th, and 22nd-Parent/Teacher Conferences

School will dismiss at 2:15 on each of these days. Conferences will be held from 2:45-6:00. Mrs. Foster and I will have your child write their conference date and time in their agenda as a reminder this week.

October 23rd-No School

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math- We worked very hard last week on multi-digit subtraction. Students have been learning new strategies to subtract mentally in Number Talk. This week we will continue working on multi-digit subtraction and solving 2-step word problems.

This week we will be working on the 6 facts. Students will have their fact cards to study on Monday. Their are many free apps you can download to any electronic device that will help your child work on their math facts. Some of our class favorites are "Times Tables Game" and "Multiplication Table 12 x 12". Students have also enjoyed playing on "Multiplication.com" online. There will be an accuracy check on the 6 facts on Friday.

Social Studies-This week we will continue working on our 5 regions of the United States projects. Students will watch videos on special landmarks located in their region this week and take notes on those landmarks. We had some technical slow downs last week, but the issues were resolved on Friday. We hope to present our projects on Friday.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All students have new words coming home today. We will focus on these throughout the week and students will be tested on Friday.

Reading--We will continue reading The Trumpet of the Swan in class this week. We will continue focusing on parts of a story, and we will story map in our guided reading groups. I will be conducting accuracy and fluency checks with students, and we will be wrapping up our guided reading novels. We will have daily time for reading and responding to our reading.

Vocabulary--We will focus on exhaustion, captivity, immaculate, and adventurous. We will play games and work on using these words in conversation and writing. Students will take a quiz over these words (and their synonyms and antonyms) next Tuesday (10/20).

Writing--We will work on revising and editing our personal narrative drafts this week. We will focus on introductions and conclusions, as well as preparing to publish our writing. We will also have time for free writing daily.

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